About the charity fund

Our fund was established in 2014 to help the libraries of the Kremenchuk city and Kremenchuk district. Since 2015, we have successfully worked, replenishing the book funds of the library system of our city.

However, the war on the territory of our native Ukraine brings its adjustments. That is why we decided to expand the activities of our Foundation. We have identified four areas of the Foundation’s activity as follows:

  • Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Assistance to territorial defense forces (hot spots as a priority).
  • Humanitarian aid to the population (priority is given to medical care for the seriously ill).
  • Cultural sector (now not only assistance to libraries but also other areas of the cultural space of our community).



For greater transparency of the Fund’s work, we decided to show all receipts and account balances on our website in real time.

The financial transaction transparency feature was developed by OneBox. Special thanks to Ruslan, Igor Susyak and Yarina Shkromida for help!
Thanks to you, everyone who helps can see the transparency of our fund!

Charity fund balance

*Data is updated every 15 minutes

Account transactions

*Data is updated once an hour

Charitable contributions

Charitable contributions can be accepted from citizens and organizations in the following currency: USD, EUR, PLZ, CHF, CZK, GBP.

Make a charitable contribution:

Pay attention!

  • In case of non-implementation of the project or if there is a balance on the account, the funds will be redirected to the next project.
  • Project financing is in order of importance and / or deadline.
  • By making a charitable contribution to the Generous Sources Charitable Foundation, you confirm that the funds are non-refundable.

Have you already made a charitable contribution?

If not, we offer you to make at least a minimal contribution to support our heroes and victims.

Every hryvnia helps our Ukraine!

Drawings of children of Ukraine: Dreams under fire

With this project we want to draw the maximum attention of the whole world to what is happening in Ukraine, to show the experiences and dreams of children who found themselves in a difficult situation, saw the horrors of war with their own eyes.

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